Even in the cool dim room he was sweating bit probably out of nervousness. The soft fluorescent green lights around the monitor gave off the only sound in the room as he waited. The silence was like a form of torture he thought but he had been through enough trenches and come back from hell waiting to see what fate lied ahead of him. He stared quietly at the monitor waiting. A page was turned on a document in front of the person on the monitor. They were done and they looked up.

He thought it was a man but you can’t really tell that much from a silhouette. ”Your report has been read.” a voice explained with a very metallic voice filter. It could have been a woman… probably human. ”Your request to be appointed as handler of a cell for North East Field Operations America has been granted.” the voice stated flatly, ”New call sign White Bishop has been designated. Are you sure about these applicants?” the voice stated before several profile pictures displayed as an overlay around the edge of the monitor.
The man scanned over the group, he had searched long and hard and put in a lot of proposals this was his shot. Having sat quiet for so long he cleared his throat and simply said, ”Affirmative.”

A small area by the wall light up, he hadn’t noticed the small jewelry box in the depths of darkness around him. It was a simple looking pin of silver in the shape of Ø inside the box. He picked it up and nodding before the monitor dimmed and the light level increased. He got up from the chair and let out a long breath. He was back in. Granted if this didn’t work out he’d be back to doing office work. If any of this new team survived what had happened to him and his team of field operatives… Well he still hadn’t heard what happened to his team’s handler. He didn’t like the odds of what could happen but he was back. Hopefully this time for good.

In the small office by the communications center he was in he changed. The white suit and black shirt were hung up. He took a minute to attach the silver pin he was part of Oblivion again. Except no one would really know he thought to himself as he pulled on his civilian clothes. The insignia of some MMO faction on a Tshirt and shorts didn’t look at professional as the two button suit he had been in a few minutes ago, neither did the flip flops he was in but it didn’t matter he was working for Oblivion again. As he stepped into the elevator the lurch didn’t bother him as much, considering how often he’d end up using it he’d get use to it. As it opened he found himself in a room with comic heroes and dragons decorated the wall in the form of posters. He looked at the table slightly disorganized and the group of people looking at him. He saw himself sitting at the table in the same clothes he had on. The second version of himself came over and looked at him and the image flickered. A metallic body replaced his doppelganger who marched to the elevator and nodded before decending down below.

”So what’s going on and how has the Warrior Bishop of the White Light been fairing” he asked sitting down and picking up some dice and scanned the table.

”Well Rick or should I say White Bishop, the horde of orcs were just about to storm the village before your parties wizard could complete the incantation. You’re down to a quarter of your spells as well but the party is at full health.“ A man behind a screen said looking at him, ”Oh and congratulations.” he added.

Everyone quietly golf clapped in a pseudo mocking way but he knew it was mostly jokingly. They were the guards for the facility but they took their job serious. Even if it involved pretending to be people playing elves, dwarves, wizards, and holy healers. “Let’s dispense some righteous justice then and save the town.” he said looking at the party and smiled.


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